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Combined Torsion and Bending.

is the equivalent Tm, and the darker diagram, half of this, is the
equivalent B^.

Example 35. In Fig-. 419 are some dimensions of a crank shaft.
Let P = i ton when at right angles to plane ACB, .Tm being balanced
by a couple M at D. Find greatest Bm-hTm and diameter of shaft
when/; = 6 tons. (Hons. Mach. Constr. Ex. 1893.)

The end view shews how I\ must be introduced to .make the
couple P Px complete. Then. Pj produces a B^ of ^| x 12 = 5-45 ton ins.
as in diagram, and P gives a Tm of 5 ton inches.

equivalent Tm = 5-454- A/547 = 12-85



(Seefi, 997.)